Mirror Thinking

I’m so excited that Mirror Thinking How Role Models Make Us Human is out 2 weeks today (9th July) in the UK. It’s coming to the rest of the world in September. Here’s a very short (3 min) video I put together about the book. Please do comment and share if you think you know … More Mirror Thinking

#Be Kind

This week is mental health awareness week and the focus is on being kind. But why be kind if we’re trying to look after our own mental health?

Being kind not only benefits those we are kind to but also ourselves. Giving and sharing with others is part of what makes us human and has huge psychological and physiological benefits. Being kind is not just good for the person you’re helping but it’s good for you too. … More #Be Kind

Coping with confinement and isolation – Covid 19

We’re currently facing a very surreal world and an unfamiliar way of life. It’s hard to know what to expect especially from a psychological perspective. In response two psychologists from the University of Manchester have summarised their research looking at people in ICE conditions (isolated, confined and extreme).  While not the same the evidence from similar … More Coping with confinement and isolation – Covid 19