Hi, I’m Fiona a psychologist, author, podcast host & passionate idealist committed to helping people to use psychology to live a more successful and fulfilled life.

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, to feel like they matter and to exist somewhere that they feel like they belong.

“On a cold, grey winter’s morning I’m hurrying along by the river Thames, wrapped up against the damp wind, rushing to squeeze on the tube heading to work with thousands of other bleary-eyed commuters. I’ve just come back from the mountains, wide open spaces, sunshine and crisp air, hanging out with my brother and laughing endlessly with friends. The contrast makes the drudgery of the dirty city and prospect of a 12-hour day staring at a screen even heavier. 

My thoughts are racing ‘Is this what life is all about? This must be as good as it gets because I’m in a ‘top’ job, with a ‘top’ employer.’ But I hate it. It feels like it’s smothering who I really am, and then it dawns on me – who have I become? Have you ever felt like that – that you weren’t in the right place to fulfil your potential? Or even worse that where you are is making you someone you’re not? “

Tedx London School of Economics

My life has taken many twists and turns. Since that day I’ve been finding out more about me, what makes me tick and where I fit, while also helping others discover their purpose and live a more fulfilled life.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with all sorts of brilliant people – from business leaders, entrepreneurs and surgeons to young people, teachers and charities.

But most importantly I’m Mum to two beautiful girls, have a wonderful husband and a collection of amazing friends across the world.

I might be a psychologist but that doesn’t mean I have it all sorted – I’m still learning.

I love snowboarding, being in the mountains backcountry and hurtling down steep slopes. I used to work in a surf shop on the beach in Australia heading out on the waves every day but my surfboard is now gathering dust in the garage.

The official stuff

I am a chartered psychologist and multi award winning author. I founded the company Aroka Ltd in 2007 working with leaders from across fields and applying cutting edge research to real lives in the real world. 

I host a podcast called Dot-to-Dot interviewing amazing people from all walks of life and on alternate episodes discussing all things psychological with co-host sports psychologist Lou Jones.

My second book Mirror Thinking: Why Role Models Make Us Human was published in 2020. This has led to me partnering with charity Future First to provide mentoring and support to school children across the UK.

Both of my books are now available in interactive form as digital courses (and as premium / B2B versions run with fortnightly group coaching).

By signing up for one of the courses you will be contributing to helping a child have a better life through the work carried out by Future First (ask us for more info).

For anyone who is still awake

I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited to speak to all sorts of audiences from readers of Red at Red Smart Women’s week to the surgeons at the Royal College of Surgeons. Among other places I’ve spoken at McKinsey & Co, Selfridge’s, The American Museum of Natural History, London School of Economics, NHS conferences and on a TEDx.

The Sunday Times – Daily Life Lessons

I’ve appeared on TV, radio and in a number of different magazines and newspapers.

Channel 4 – Sunday Brunch