How Unexpected Role Models Make us Human

Do you know how little you control your every action? Every person you interact with is a role model, and each interaction changes your behaviour, mood, outlook and makes you human. But we’re losing this – our capability to be human – through our modern existence. Watch and learn how you can change that not only that for your benefit but for the sake of humanity. … More How Unexpected Role Models Make us Human

Want to know how to be happy – this man has the answers.

On this week’s episode of the Dot to Dot podcast, fellow psychologist Lou Jones and I talk to Russ Harris – best selling author, doctor, therapist and all round lovely guy. Some of Russ’s words of wisdom: “Money can’t buy you happiness – as I transitioned from a medical doctor to a … More Want to know how to be happy – this man has the answers.

Talking about burnout

OUT NOW another bitesize episode with fellow psychologist Lou Jones. This week we’re talking about burnout, something that is becoming way to prevalent during the pandemic. What is it? How do you know if you are experiencing it? What should you do about it? Burnout has three key dimensions: exhaustion, cynicism and a decline in … More Talking about burnout

#Be Kind

This week is mental health awareness week and the focus is on being kind. But why be kind if we’re trying to look after our own mental health?

Being kind not only benefits those we are kind to but also ourselves. Giving and sharing with others is part of what makes us human and has huge psychological and physiological benefits. Being kind is not just good for the person you’re helping but it’s good for you too. … More #Be Kind

Coping with confinement and isolation – Covid 19

We’re currently facing a very surreal world and an unfamiliar way of life. It’s hard to know what to expect especially from a psychological perspective. In response two psychologists from the University of Manchester have summarised their research looking at people in ICE conditions (isolated, confined and extreme).  While not the same the evidence from similar … More Coping with confinement and isolation – Covid 19

Helping teens deal with anxiety and Covid-19              

Anxiety is normal, it’s something that we all experience and it’s impossible to avoid. It’s really important that teenagers understand this and also that anxiety does not define who they are, it is not part of their personality, it will come and go and we can learn to manage it better. Most of the time … More Helping teens deal with anxiety and Covid-19              

Love, Sex and….

Something I wrote a long time ago about love, sex and attraction. Given the complete dominance of my own brain with Covid-19 I thought this may provide some light relief to anyone else like me.

Sexual attraction is – well it’s the source of life and so worth understanding. … More Love, Sex and….

Who are you?

Despite being bonkersly (it’s my word even if it doesn’t exist) driven in general I also put things I don’t like off. On the whole that involves accounting of any sort. I find it dull. At the moment it also includes making edits to my book (sorry publisher). I wouldn’t say I procrastinate, more deprioritise … More Who are you?

Genius is childhood recaptured

Our childhood has a massive impact on who we are as adults and with a huge factors from our early years impacting who we become. It’s worth reflecting on your childhood from time to time to take lessons into your life today whether that is how to live with passion, how to love with an open heart or on a more technical level how certain things influenced who you have become. … More Genius is childhood recaptured

Fast fame…

In March I was interviewed for a piece in DigitalSpy about reality TV and how it impacts contestants. Following the cancellation of the Jeremy Kyle show this week I thought I’d share the thoughts that I prepared for my interview (link for the article is at the end). … More Fast fame…

The Myth of Sanity

Sanity is a myth, none of us are sane, yet insanity feels scary, foreign and a million miles from the life that most of us lead. Insanity conjures up images of mental asylums, white coats, sedated patients, a ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ hive of panic-stricken individuals. Our 19th and 20th century foray into … More The Myth of Sanity


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Why being human means being a role-model

On International Women’s Day I thought I’d share an extract from my book Mirror Thinking about how important role-models are to enabling positive traction….  ‘The impact of diverse role models reaches far beyond the executive board room. Research from Microsoft, for example, shows that the number of girls interested in STEM decreases as they move … More Why being human means being a role-model