The Programs

Two interactive digital programs based on the multi-award winning book Defining You.

Program Overview:

  • 8 weeks, self-paced learning 1-2 hrs per week 
  • Each week is made up of several 3-10 minute videos and exercises 
  • For those who choose to work with a partner there are also weekly guidelines on how to structure discussions
  • Pointers on how to not only learn new skills but how to practice them
  • All of the materials are evidence based and derived from psychologically robust approaches turned into pragmatic tools

Sign Up Now – both courses are currently being offered at a special price of £350 (reduced from £700 in celebration of the 2nd edition of Defining You coming out in May 2021)

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The Defining You Program – profiling to unlock your full potential

Instead of coaching and profiling being available only to senior leaders, Defining You gives everyone access to the powerful and empowering psychological techniques. With this insight and self-reflection, you learn to understand and better yourself, create actionable plans to improve your performance and bring you closer to fulfilling your potential. Through a combination of blended learning, self-paced discovery, instructional sessions and psychological insight, a deep and profound life-long learning process takes place achieving greater happiness and fulfilment as a result.

The Optimizing You Program – from less stress to performing at your best

Providing a guided tour of the tools needed to optimise performance, enhance emotional resilience and bolster well-being this course provides you with the tools and techniques which you can use for life. Exploring evidence based approaches and working through practical material to see what fits you and your life style. Ultimately this equips you with a personalised manual for your performance and well-being.

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