The Myth of Sanity

Sanity is a myth, none of us are sane, yet insanity feels scary, foreign and a million miles from the life that most of us lead. Insanity conjures up images of mental asylums, white coats, sedated patients, a ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ hive of panic-stricken individuals. Our 19th and 20th century foray into … More The Myth of Sanity

What’s Your Story?

A couple of hours ago I stood waiting to get off a flight, trapped in the no mans land of disembarking the plane, waiting impatiently for the “Cabin crew prepare doors for arrival”. I looked out at the sea of faces and wondered who all these people were. Perhaps a default position of being a … More What’s Your Story?

Me & My Bike

This summer excruciating shin splints (from running) left me increasingly frustrated by a lack of activity (and an intense desire to indulge in junk food). I needed to get outside and do something, but given my responsibilities, travelling to the Southern Hemisphere to do what I love (snowboarding) was never an option. So I joined … More Me & My Bike