How Unexpected Role Models Make us Human

Do you know how little you control your every action? Every person you interact with is a role model, and each interaction changes your behaviour, mood, outlook and makes you human. But we’re losing this – our capability to be human – through our modern existence. Watch and learn how you can change that not only that for your benefit but for the sake of humanity. … More How Unexpected Role Models Make us Human

Mirror Thinking

I’m so excited that Mirror Thinking How Role Models Make Us Human is out 2 weeks today (9th July) in the UK. It’s coming to the rest of the world in September. Here’s a very short (3 min) video I put together about the book. Please do comment and share if you think you know … More Mirror Thinking

The Myth of Sanity

Sanity is a myth, none of us are sane, yet insanity feels scary, foreign and a million miles from the life that most of us lead. Insanity conjures up images of mental asylums, white coats, sedated patients, a ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ hive of panic-stricken individuals. Our 19th and 20th century foray into … More The Myth of Sanity