Mirror Thinking

Fiona’s new book Mirror Thinking – How Role Models Make Us Human is out on 9th July 2020 in the UK in Waterstones and Amazon and September in USA, Canada and Australia

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who shall I imitate, who shall I call? Mirror Thinking will challenge your beliefs about role models and social circles, unlocking new possibilities for anyone and everyone.” — Aaron Dignan, author of Brave New Work

This is what Bloomsbury have to say:

The first book to explore the importance of role models in shaping our lives through the power of the brain’s mirror neuron, widely accepted as one of the most important advances in modern neuroscience.

Most of us have someone we look up to and consider a ‘role model’, whether it’s a parent, a teacher or a manager. In fact, a lot of people we come into contact with, whether we consider them a role model or not, probably have more of an impact on us than we realise. The area of the brain that we have to thank for this is our mirror neurone, which learns through imitation, enabling us to grow and develop through the transfer of behaviours and knowledge. Some of this is through conscious learning, but there are many influences we are unaware of. Every interaction we have powerfully imprints on our brain through this neuron, regardless of whether it is something we want to absorb or not.

In Mirror Thinking, Fiona uses her experience and insight as a psychologist to empower us to leverage the mirror system to our advantage. Fiona unpacks the psychological principles behind the system in a real and relatable way. Readers are given the skills to consciously harness this knowledge and take more control over this incredible system. She also explores the broader societal implications of the system, including the influence of social media and celebrities, and considers the impact it is having on the younger population of today. Finally, Fiona looks at what it takes to be a great role model to others. If people are mirroring you, what are the things you’d prefer others not to repeat? And what do you want to see played back to you in someone else’s behaviour?


“As a professional athlete I found Fiona’s book very insightful on both a professional and personal level. Mirror thinking is something we all do and Fiona gives a great insight on how this influences not just our life but those around us. I highly recommend adding this book to your collection.”

David Smith MBE, Nike Athlete, 2x World Champion and London 2012 Gold Medallist.



Image Pexels – Gustavo Fring