Giving back

With every product you purchase we donate a percentage of the profits to Future First. Your help not only invests in a child’s future, enabling them with the opportunity to understand what makes them unique, why they matter and how to pursue their dreams but also provides us with funding to work on the charitable side of our organisation.

We currently support Future First, teachers and frontliners in the NHS but our vision is to extend this further into the community and across the world to enable flourishing social ecosystems in all walks of life.

Partnership with Future First

We partner with Future First helping them to fulfil their vision:

For a world where a young person’s start in life does not limit their future.

Future First Charity

We are currently looking into:

  • Improving mental health provision to school children through evidence backed approaches
  • Enhancing mentor mentee relationships through application of psychological principles
  • Enabling more effective social and emotional learning which has been shown to improve life outcomes, mental health, physical health, fulfilment in life as well as serving to break cycles of poverty, crime and abuse.
  • Matching young adults (18-25 year olds) with mentors from corporate settings to not only improve their chances in life but also the mentoring they are providing to school children.
  • Improving opportunities for underprivileged children often left out because of who they don’t know and a lack of access to the right support, networks and information.
  • Providing skills training to young adults to help grow an understanding of their strengths, values and place in the world. Not only equipping them for the job market but also building their emotional resilience and the skills required to be better mentors to school children.