Defining You

Defining You opens a window into the process of psychological profiling in business and presents a clear path to improving your effectiveness with immediate actions and tangible tips. Our behaviour is at the core of what we do, yet we have very little understanding of why we act a certain way and are often completely baffled by what other people do. We are oblivious as to how we really work as human beings. The more we can learn about ourselves and others the better.

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Defining You Programme – the Defining You Programme has been developed in line with the book to help you to fulfil your potential through understanding who you are and what your place is in this hectic and demanding world.

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A few people have been kind enough to offer their thoughts on Defining You (below).

Professor Anthony Forster, University of Essex

“Fiona has written a truly insightful book, based on a really helpful understanding of how the brain works, a very rich set of personal and professional experiences, and she writes with tremendous integrity. Every reader will find a range of really helpful tools to understand their values, passions and interests – and to identify development goals to live life with a purpose.” 

Kenny Wilson, CEO of Dr Martens

“If you know anybody that needs to take a fresh and positive look at their life, re-discover their passions and understand what really makes them tick then this is the book for them. It distils Fiona’s experience in psychological profiling into useful advice, tips and things you can really do to take action. Defining You puts the spotlight on your own journey, helping you find your way to a happier, more successful life and ultimately to fulfil your potential.”

David Sole OBE, former Scotland Rugby Captain and co-founder School for CEOs

Fiona’s invaluable experience helps you travel on the journey of self-discovery in a simple, yet thorough fashion.  It will provide you with previous undiscovered insights and help you craft an action plan to pull it all together.  It is a ‘must read’ for anyone who has that essential quality of exceptional leaders, curiosity.”

Defining You won the Self Development category for Business Book Awards 2019 UK and won silver for Axiom Business Awards in USA. It has also been a best seller on amazon and with booksellers.

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