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Defining You won silver in the USA at the Axiom Business Book Awards and was also the winner in the self-development category for the Business Book Awards 2019 in the UK.

I’m so chuffed that my book on the shelves in the UK, the USA and Canada and available on amazon across many parts of the world. Since publication I’ve been lucky enough to hit bestseller status on a number of amazon categories. Also to have been under bestseller lists for non-fiction in bookshops across the UK and in the top 10 business books in the Kindle charts.

So what’s it all about?

Defining You opens a window into the process of psychological profiling in business and presents a clear path to improving your effectiveness with immediate actions and tangible tips. Our behaviour is at the core of what we do, yet we have very little understanding of why we act a certain way and are often completely baffled by what other people do. We are oblivious as to how we really work as human beings. The more we can learn about ourselves and others the better.

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A few people have been kind enough to offer their thoughts on Defining You (below).

Professor Anthony Forster, University of Essex

“Fiona has written a truly insightful book, based on a really helpful understanding of how the brain works, a very rich set of personal and professional experiences, and she writes with tremendous integrity. Every reader will find a range of really helpful tools to understand their values, passions and interests – and to identify development goals to live life with a purpose.” 

Kenny Wilson, CEO of Dr Martens

“If you know anybody that needs to take a fresh and positive look at their life, re-discover their passions and understand what really makes them tick then this is the book for them. It distils Fiona’s experience in psychological profiling into useful advice, tips and things you can really do to take action. Defining You puts the spotlight on your own journey, helping you find your way to a happier, more successful life and ultimately to fulfil your potential.”

David Sole OBE, former Scotland Rugby Captain and co-founder School for CEOs

“I believe that the most impressive leaders in life have insatiable curiosity.  They are curious about all sorts of things and are continually asking insightful and challenging questions.  Those who are at the top of their game are also curious about themselves – they know their strengths, they understand what they don’t do so well and they have deep insights into what makes them tick, particularly when they are under pressure.

 Fiona’s invaluable experience helps you travel on the journey of self-discovery in a simple, yet thorough fashion.  It will provide you with previous undiscovered insights and help you craft an action plan to pull it all together.  It is a ‘must read’ for anyone who has that essential quality of exceptional leaders, curiosity.”

Claire FitzGerald, CPsychol, Leadership Consultant & Coach

“Fiona is without doubt one of the warmest professionals I have ever met, and she marries this with great integrity.  I am delighted to read and recommend her book.  Not only is it full of practical wisdom, the tools and insights have been selected and distilled by a psychologist with immense pedigree; Fiona has done all the heavy lifting.  If you’re like me, right from the first chapter, you will feel like Fiona is walking alongside you as you explore and learn to make the most of your own essence – enjoy!”   

Jon Hendry, MD of Butlins

“In a world of high-minded theory and models, Fiona Murden has given us a practical and applicable guide that makes sense in your day-to-day professional and personal life, full of pragmatic tools and exercises which draw upon a highly credible bank of references. Whoever you are, and at whatever point you find yourself, here’s a bespoke map for what happens next.” 

Rowan Gormley, CEO Majestic Wine and Founder of Naked Wines

“If you want to get an honest insight into how the human mind works, and specifically how YOUR mind works, and how other people understand that then I recommend Fiona. And I recommend her new book.

She manages to get to the bottom of complex issues, and communicate them in a way you can action. And she is nice enough to tell you some home truths in the nicest possible way.”

Sue Langley OBE Non-Exec Chairwoman Arthur J Gallagher UK, Senior Independent Director UKAR, Trustee Macmillan Cancer

 “Having worked with Fiona, I’ve appreciated her sharp insights first hand. Defining You now provides every reader a real opportunity to work through and own these insights for themselves, using innovative tools and techniques.  Fiona’s warm and engaging style springs from the pages, providing guidance and helpful pragmatic examples which really make the experience come to life.”

 Jo Walmsley, HR Director for Waitrose

“Connecting with who we are as individuals, what we believe and why is critical if we are to realise our unique potential. Only when we truly own this for ourselves, can we create the lives we want and deserve. In this book Fiona skillfully and simply enables the reader to go on this very individual learning journey, providing them with plentiful exercises to take them through the steps needed. She does this with her unique blend of humility and authenticity, backed up by psychological theory and scientific evidence.  A really compelling and rewarding read that is highly recommended for anyone serious about understanding themselves and becoming the very best they can be.”

Jenny Byers, Director Ernst & Young, Australia

“This book is a must-read for anyone with an interest in understanding more about themselves in order to make better life choices.  Written as a series of accessible and engaging “sessions”, I felt like I had my very own private coach helping me to uncover a much clearer picture of who I am and how I want to evolve. Thanks to Fiona, I feel enthused and focussed about my future.” 

Wing Commander Jonathan McMullan – Commanding Officer – Royal Australian Air Force Officers’ Training School

“This is a MUST read – read it, and then get your loved ones to read it. You owe it to them and yourself. As a military officer, I have had the privilege of commanding women and men on multiple occasions, both in peace time and at war. I wish I had the personal insight I gained from Defining You before my first command in Afghanistan. Leadership is an intensely personal endeavour; we all behave differently, but only through understanding ourselves better, do we gain the clarity we need to excel and to maximise human capital. Defining You provided this granularity for me. It provided a comprehensive and compelling personal coaching experience for me written in a straightforward yet truly engaging style. I am a better partner, leader, coach and mentor thanks to Fiona.”

Sian Leigh, Distributor of WeSC (Swedish Clothing Brand) for New Zealand, Yoga Alliance Yoga Instructor, Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach

“Who doesn’t want to understand why they react the way they do to certain stressors that don’t seem to affect others?  This book is truly remarkable in guiding you to understand what makes you tick, what could make you tick better, and how to bring yourself in line emotionally, physically, and mentally in order to achieve your full potential. “This book is like a window into what makes you who you are”.  Fiona Murden ‘Defining you’. True.” 

Dr Vanessa Yenson, Clinical Research Associate at Southern Star Research

Amid the current social media obsession that dictates self-image and self-worth, this book is a perceptive tool on how to truly grow within yourself – to better understand yourself and why you think and react the way you do – and how to view the world with a new appreciation no matter what stage of life you’re currently in. Fiona deconstructs complex theories in a way that are easy to follow. She provides a compilation of tests and questions that offer insight into how you currently think and highlight ways in which to grow. I found that the real-life examples added to the understanding of an abstract concept. This made me think of similar scenarios or people in my life, how I currently react to them, and how I can change things in the future for more meaningful and productive exchanges and better quality relationships.”

Catherine Stephen RN, BN (Hons) PhD Candidate, University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia

“Through a series of discussion points, exercises and reflective activities the author navigates uncharted territory towards self-knowledge of personality traits, values, passions, aspirations and strengths. You’ll wonder how this book was possibly written with you in mind. Uniquely personal and universally applicable, health professionals at all career points will benefit from engaging with this indispensable guide to self-inquiry.”  

Mel Carson, Founder and Principal Strategist at Delightful Communications and author of Introduction to Personal Branding

“With the proliferation of digital media and devices over the past decade, the personal development scene has become cluttered with charlatans, gurus, and goofballs pedaling unsubstantiated data and dictum that leaves one baffled and bemused. Defining You by Fiona Murden to the rescue! This book provides, not only the what and why backed up by years of experience, study, and ‘perpetual curiosity’, but it cuts right through the chaotic and provides authentic, useful, relevant, and actionable exercises at every turn.”

Casey Badach, Partner, Redburn New York

“In most lists of “What Successful People Do” you will always find at least one entry that relates to self-improvement and/or fueling the mind. As an avid chaser of self-improvement myself, I am constantly searching for the best ways to attain this lofty goal. Fiona’s book, Defining You,  is an invaluable addition to my list of pertinent tools. It is truly insightful – a flashlight on the human psyche– and comes complete with pragmatic exercises and actionable instruments, which are easy to implement. I am grateful to Fiona for her excellent work in making me just a little bit wiser, happier and mentally healthier.”

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