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The Defining You programme is setting the standard for personal growth and development through online-learning. Helping you get to know yourself, realise your talents, fulfil your personal development, improve your well-being and ultimately change your life.

Over the course of 12 weeks, this interactive digital programme takes you on a powerful journey and transformative learning experience. You emerge feeling motivated with a clear set of objectives to improve your effectiveness together with a defined and actionable development plan.

Instead of coaching and profiling being available only to senior leaders, Defining You gives everyone access to the powerful and empowering professional-development techniques. With this insight and self reflection, you learn to understand and better yourself, create actionable plans to improve your performance and bring you closer to fulfilling your potential. Through a combination of reflective, blended learning, self-paced discovery, instructional sessions, high quality group coaching and psychological insight, a deep and profound life-long learning process takes place.

Key Features:

  • A 12-week programme with 6 easily digestible interactive modules accessed online
  • Guided work with an accountability and motivational partner
  • Weekly Q&A and group coaching delivered by an expert facilitator
  • A combination of self-development, self-discovery and self-paced discovery and creation of a clearly defined personal goals and action plan
  • Practical evidence-based exercises interspersed throughout to demonstrate each principle and facilitate self-improvement through active teaching and learning
  • Access to a suite of sophisticated online and offline psychological tools including a copy of Defining You book
  • Multi-platform and accessible via mobile, tablet or PC
  • Potential to join membership for ongoing support and mentoring for lifelong learning and development opportunities after the course ends


The Defining You programme is an immersive experience which teaches learners the skills and techniques needed to profile themselves, improve their self-knowledge, unlock their full potential and achieving greater happiness and fulfilment as a result.

Areas covered include the importance of creating a personal narrative; basic evolutionary psychology and brain plasticity; mindset and bringing curiosity into consciousness, emotional-intelligence, self-esteem, self-control and motivation; overcoming obstacles and moving beyond your comfort zone, interpersonal skills, communication skills, mindfulness, how you come across to others – giving, receiving and acting on feedback; clarifying strengths and weaknesses; goal-setting and writing an actionable personal development plan with further learning and development opportunities.


“A brilliant and thought-provoking course and a great introduction to personal reflection and development. The group coaching sessions were welcoming, non-invasive and entirely inspirational. From a practical point of view, the learning format worked perfectly for me. The book is great for reference and the online material is broken down into really digestible and engaging videos and exercises. At no point did I feel under pressure to have completed the exercises or watch the material! It really was a case of “go at your own pace and have fun with it”. If you’re at a point in your life where you want to understand “how did I get here? And where do I go next?” I really recommend this programme.” Director, Public Sector Organisation, UK

“It is one thing writing such a comprehensive ‘life manual’ but it is another to translate that into a very ingenious interactive and visual training tool – you are incredible and will do so well in helping people to transform their lives from whatever walk of life.” London, UK 

“Participating in Fiona Murden’s “Defining You Course” was incredibly insightful for me. I have already made many adjustments in my business relationships as a result of the reflections that Fiona guided us through. I absolutely recommend this self-exploration for anyone who wants to understand where they are and where they want to go. Fiona is a true expert and a gifted guide.” Medical Doctor and Faculty Juilliard School, New York, USA

“Defining You is a practical and powerful online course that helped me understand how my character “theory” can be brought to life. I liken it to weaving a tapestry of my personal leadership. The threads, representative of my purpose, core values and strengths, are woven together by my ability to form meaningful connections and continual learning. The finished masterpiece defines me – a personal vision I will keep working towards and building upon, enabling me to understand my ways and be the best version of myself – everyday. For anyone committed to their personal growth or for those who don’t know where to start, I highly recommend both the book and online Defining You course.” Executive Coach, Australia

“It’s been a hugely valuable experience in so many ways.” Director FTSE 100

“Fiona, I don’t know how but you created such a cosy yet probing environment which used to have me thinking and reflecting all week and weekend long.” Director, Public Sector Organisation UK

“The Defining You course made me think about past experiences (childhood, university and early career) in a new, more profound way.  It has made me reconsider scenarios from my past and has helped me see them for what they were and how they shaped my future even into my life today.  For me, it has been genuinely revelatory and I really didn’t want the course to end.  I am still a work in progress but feel better equipped to look at the past, present and future.” Self-employed, London, UK

“The values piece has really stuck with me and something I keep coming back to in weeks since the course finished. The Friday call and group of people was fantastic and fascinating to get others perspective. Fiona’s soothing voice on the bite sized videos was a joy too!” Director FTSE 100

“I loved spending time with a like-minded cohort. The material was easy to digest. Tools practical. Work volume manageable. I particularly like the audio. It was easy to listen to, well paced and I enjoyed listening to the stories and perspectives of others in the group.”  Founder, Somerset, UK

“The time for reflection but with exercises that made it constructive to help me move forward was brilliant. I now feel reenergized with a clear purpose and goals for the short term.” Senior Manager, London

“Giving myself time to stop and look at myself and what I would like to do next felt so good.” Stay at home Mum, Kent, UK

“I loved how the course unpacked the concepts and weaved them into practical tasks that really made you think and gave you tangible outcomes.” COO, Start up, India 

“For the first time in 59 years I think I have become far more self-aware and accepting of myself but also very encouraged there is still time for development!” Project Manager, London, UK

Defining You Programme is for you if:

You are a professional in any sector and want to learn more about yourself and how to unlock your full potential as leadership development, professional learning or career development.

You are looking to develop personally – to gain self-confidence and to live with more purpose, better understand your strengths and passions and raise your self-awareness, well-being and fulfilment.

You are trying to pinpoint where next in terms of life and career turning reflection on your knowledge and skills into an actionable development plan. 

You want a learning experience that endures over time and accomplish new skills that are genuinely life-changing.

You want a best-in-class holistic personal development program that applies the principles of human psychology to maximum effect.

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