From humble beginnings to the board of Coca Cola

This week I’m honoured to share a podcast episode with Christine Cross who holds Non-Executive Directorships with Coca-Cola Europacific Partners among others.

I met Christine through work when I was profiling for a CEO role at company where she was on the board. It immediately struck me how incredibly sharp she is and I have learnt since that she is also an amazing supporter of young people (and even older ones like me) and women. On this episode among other things we explore the importance mentors and role-models and how one small comment at the right or wrong time can send a young person’s life off in a completely different direction.

We also discuss Christine’s upbringing and how she chose not to go to Oxford or Cambridge despite being destined – not through her upbringing – but her academic capability to go there. She decided it wasn’t what she wanted and followed her interests instead of being drawn into the expectations of those heralded institutions.  I didn’t know until we did this podcast that she has 8 A levels including the sciences. And yet she is open to hearing how other people view the world, listening to their take and perspective and offering her guidance.

Hear her fascinating story here:

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