Dot to Dot Behind the Person

I’ve now recorded 17 episodes, 11 interviews exploring interesting people’s backgrounds and all that makes them tick. Guests include Kenny Wilson CEO of Dr Marten’s, Andrea Thompson Editor in Chief of Marie Claire, Jonathan McMullan Detatchment Commander in the Australian Airforce and many more.

There are also 6 bonus tracks with me speaking to fellow psychologist Lou Jones about all sorts from imposter syndrome to curiosity.

Kenny Wilson CEO of Dr Martens

And my new book Mirror Thinking How Role Models Make Us Human is now out in the USA and Canada:

What’s it all about:

Parents, friends, teachers, relatives, and even work colleagues – from the people close to us to those we never even meet – other people are constantly shaping who we are.

The mirror neuron is a part of the brain that has shaped each and every one of us throughout our lifetimes. It is the very essence of what makes us human, but most of us have never even heard of it. 

Mirror Thinking explores how the mirror neuron has defined us through the role models we observe and interact with. All of the learning we take from our world is down to our brain’s mirror system, but it doesn’t stop there. This incredible system is also responsible for our emotional connections with others, how we pass on learning between the generations through stories, and how we imagine and innovate within our own minds.

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