Episode 2 of Dot to Dot Behind the Person

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Episode 2 with Andrea Thompson – Editor in Chief of Marie Claire


Some of the topics we explore this week – How investigative journalism provides marginalised women with a voice, why the Weinstein scandal happened when it did, and how social media has galvanised communities to create positive change. 

Do you think anyone was covering the story of Weinstein 15 years ago? If they were, why did it take so long to ignite international interest? Is Covid-19 going to create a fresh start for women or set equality back? Can a fashion and beauty brand embody a genuine feminist agenda? These are all topics we explore in the second episode of Dot to Dot ‘Behind the Person’ with this week’s guest Andrea Thompson.

Andrea started her career in her 20s as a fearless undercover journalist, and is no less passionate about righting wrongs and giving under-represented communities a voice today. She has been Editor in Chief of Marie Claire for the past 6 months, taking the helm of the iconic international brand as the first of the 25 countries to go digital. Andrea studied English at The University of York, but it was actually working part time in a pub during her studies and listening to people’s stories that really ignited her passion for storytelling. She pursued a career in publishing, first entering into the world of books (which she found wasn’t quite fast paced enough for her) then working for a range of publications including the Daily Mail, Channel 4 and Marie Claire.

In this episode we talk about growing up in London with an English mother and father from Barbados and what it felt like to be ‘different’. We explore how seeing the way in which her father was treated compared to her mother made Andrea determined to allow marginalised voices to be heard. Andrea tells me about her time as a fearless young reporter meeting Weinstein face to face, exposing one of Trump’s businesses, investigating Russian companies and uncovering sweatshops in India. We discuss the four pillars that underpin the values she really cares about: women’s empowerment, sustainability, education of girls and women and mental health, and how this is driving the current agenda at Marie Claire.

Andrea is passionate about unveiling injustice but doing so in a way that provides people with the everyday relief and inspiration to make a difference and get on with their own lives with a spring in their step. This underpins everything she does including the fashion and beauty at Marie Claire which is about celebrating women as they are, instead of as they ‘should be’. I’m sure that you will be able to feel the energy that she puts into her career and ensuring that people are heard seep through the recording to positively infect your day, week and maybe even your year ahead.

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