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My friend Mark Couldry who I met snowboarding wrote a lovely and very generous blog about Defining You. You can read about it on his website titled ‘Unlock your full potential’. Which you can read by clicking here. 

Another couple of blogs have been posted by my publishing agents Emma Parkin and Jo de Vries of Conker House Publishing. They ‘Taking the Time’ and ‘What’s in a Book Launch’.

The blog site a website for entrepreneurs and business re-published (with permission) my article ‘Knowing You, Knowing Me: Why Self Awareness is Critical to Any Success’. 


Academic text:

If you’re after a bit of bed time reading then you can find the research I did written up by  myself and Professor David Bunce (Centre for Cognition and Neuroimaging, Brunel) in the European Journal of Cognitive Psychology

Another piece of light reading, the BPS policy paper written with Professor Peter Kinderman (Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Liverpool) and Kathryn Scott (Director of Policy and Communications, BPS). This paper is titled ‘Making better decisions: How understanding our psychology can stop us falling into the bias trap’

Or if you’re a Business Psychologist you may find my chapter ‘The Brains Behind Business’ interesting which is published in the ABP book, Business Psychology in Action. 



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